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Over the weekend, my Mama and I traveled to Northern California to visit relatives and celebrate my cousin’s wedding. Mill Valley is that part of California where families spend weekends hiking in the forest or going for a bike ride, every woman is rocking either Lululemon or a beautiful cashmere sweater, and no one locks their doors at night. Yes, places like this exist!


We stayed in a small hotel called Acqua, with a room that overlooked a beautiful lake. I think one of the best parts about living in a place like this would be how easy it is to get outside and be active. Our hotel offered free bike rentals, and my Mom and I were excited to go for a ride along the lake. Living in LA for the past four years, the last time I rode a bike (which was not a stationary one in the gym) was probably way back in middle school. I forgot how fun it is to bike and actually be outside and see the world moving around you. Meh, that sounds sad but I have a fear of biking in the city and getting hit by a car!



On the first night, we went to my cousin’s house for dinner. She showed us their chicken coop in the backyard, which provides them with fresh eggs every morning! Apparently, once you’ve had a fresh egg you can never hold store-bought to the same standards. I’ve been researching on how to do this myself. However I live in an apartment and I doubt I’m allowed to have chickens running around the place, so I guess we’ll save that dream for the distant future.





The wedding was held at the Marin Arts & Garden Center, which was sunny and gorgeous despite the foggy morning. My cousin’s husband officiated the ceremony, which lasted only about 15 minutes. I always thought wedding ceremonies were much longer, but I loved how intimate this wedding felt, also because of the smaller number of guests as well. It was so nice to be able to reconnect with some relatives that I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years!



Plus, look at how adorable the name cards were. Little potted plants! I ended up taking like five home, which are now sitting pretty on my windowsill.




Family gatherings always remind me how important keeping that bond is. What a fun weekend! Northern California is always such a great place to visit. I came home feeling so refreshed and ready to get back to work.

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