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Weekend Foodie: Connie and Ted’s


My best friend believes she is part mermaid due to her endless penchant for seafood. Sunday was the first time I ate sea urchin straight from the black spiky animal it comes from, and ate one too many oysters but didn’t feel queasy afterwards. When she visits in November, I’ll be taking her here.

On the fridge is a list of restaurants I ripped out of Jonathan Gold’s book on the 101 best restaurants in Los Angeles. Connie and Ted’s is the 33rd on the list, but easily some of the best seafood I have ever had (and not at wallet-murder prices either)!

Let’s be real, look at all that creamy uni goodness. The worst is when uni is too fishy and I don’t mean in a “fresh from the sea” kind of way. But this, right here, was perfection.
WF_connieandteds-2 copy

Fried Calamari

New England Broiled Dinner

Lobster Roll

Fried Pacific Oyster Sandwich

And you can’t forget a little something sweet to end an amazing meal. As my friend always says, there is a second stomach for dessert. Amen. We ordered the Indian Pudding and extra vanilla ice cream, but this Blondie was the best.

Is your mouth watering yet?

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