Weekend Foodie: Ramen and Vegan Food


Lazy sundays are the best kind of sunday. Sleeping in, conversations over a belly-filling meal, and a mini South Park marathon because there’s a little child in me that loves making fun of pop culture. Uneventful, but sometimes it’s just what you need to get yourself ready for the week ahead.

Our weekend consisted of lots and lots of ramen. Santouka is my first love, but I think I’ve found a close second (and my favorite) in Little Tokyo. Men Oh is tucked away in a small shop across from Sushi Gen. It’s not too well known and of course we’re not dealing with anything fancy, but those are the best ramen shops.


Be warned, the Spicy Tonkotsu is hot. My boyfriend couldn’t finish it, but he has an impossibly low tolerance for spicy ramen for a 50% Japanese boy. You’ve been warned! Remove jackets and sweaters to avoid turning into a sweaty mess.

Aside from the broth, the meat is the most important thing to me when serving good ramen. It has to be juicy, tender, and have just the right amount of fat. This rice bowl is served with the same kind of pork as what you get with the ramen. If you’re extra hungry, I’d suggest getting the special that comes with both.

Ironically, brunch the following day was a much more meat-less affair. We ate at Sage, which is an organic/vegan restaurant in Culver City. My roommate and I ordered a florentine with potatoes and “walnut sausage”. Our boyfriends ordered pizzas.


Half way through our meal, my roommate says she doesn’t start to feel very good, and then her boyfriend admits he feels weird and thinks it’s because the food is too healthy, and to top it off my boyfriend tells us he’s about to place a takeout order for a pastrami sandwich at Johnnie’s across the street. To be fair, I felt completely fine. The food was a bit pricey, but that’s Los Angeles for you. Nothing against Veganism and props to the people who can stay away from meat, but it’s not for everyone (and especially not my friends). It wasn’t the worst or best meal I’ve had, but we probably won’t be coming back in the near future.


On the plus side, we spent the rest of the afternoon laughing at South Park’s Gluten Free Ebola episode and later had a wonderful dinner at Johnnie’s Pastrami that evening. It was full of chili fries smothered in cheese, greasy onion rings, and lots and lots of delicious meat. My boyfriend had his second pastrami sandwich of the day, double portion of meat, and all was right in the world again.

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