Weekend Foodie: The Bazaar by Jose Andres


Last weekend, my best friend Stephanie crossed the Pacific Ocean to visit me from Hawaii! Out of all our meals, the one I wanted to share most with you guys is The Bazaar because it was delicious and scientific and how often do you get to use both those words when describing a meal.


Roy ordered a gin+tonic and said it tasted like drinking a garden but a garden you would enjoy drinking (huh?). Above is also a photo of an egg cooked sous vide for a very very long time accompanied by a small shaving of truffles because damn that stuff is expensive. Somehow it tasted like mashed potatoes yum.


Shrimp cocktail, except the cocktail sauce was served inside tiny pipettes and I felt like we were doing science.


Olives and olives in liquid form.


This post is dedicated to the person who peeled the skin off each of these tomatoes BY HAND.


Tuna tartare.


Brussel sprouts and bacon with a heaping of seafoam because that’s not unusual.




OH MY GOODNESS their version of a philly cheesesteak was the most amazing thing I have ever eaten.




Banana coconut tower thingy.

I’m probably the most unqualified person to be describing exactly what we ate but darn it this was delicious and if you ever get the chance to go here–DO. Half the time I was chuckling on the inside because have you seen the pictures above?? There was seafoam on the brussel sprouts. SEAFOAM! I also sort of lost it a bit when one of the martinis listed “salt air” as an ingredient and it reminded me of this commercial. But that’s what makes the experience so fun! How many times have you ordered something and the construction of dish utterly blows your mind? I have plans to return and order 10,000 philly cheesesteaks but it would probably cost me everything in my penny jar, times a thousand.

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