Spam and Eggs Breakfast Sandwich


I‘m not exaggerating when I say that Spam is like the lifeblood of Hawaii. I’ve seen it fried, in fried rice, a popular part of local McDonalds breakfasts, and sitting between layers of rice and nori at 7-Eleven.

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The funny thing, is that most of the world actually thinks it’s kind of gross. I know my affinity for Spam comes from growing up with it, just like how Stephanie loves eating chicken feet but I can’t seem to get over the idea of eating any kind of foot. But I think chef Alvin Cailan of Eggslut explains it best in his Munchies documentary on Making the Ultimate Eggslut Sandwich:

“If you eat cheetos and shit, you might as well eat spam.”


I’ve noticed while writing these posts that I have a tendency to ramble about the random things that have taken up a bit of space in my day. I begin, but all the college english classes and so. many. essays. has forced my brain to believe that writing without connecting back to a main point is 1000% wrong. But this is a blog, not a paper, and I should be able to write however I want! In other words, please excuse any rambling on here from now on.


I’m obsessed with Purity Ring’s new album. It was the best companion on our flight home (hehe sorry, Roy). My favorites are begin again, heartsigh and bodyache~

San Francisco has been fun and so unexpectedly relaxing. For the past week, I’ve spent my days getting to know the city on foot rather than by moving metal box. Los Angeles is not a “walking” city, and coupling that with crazy traffic and people who drive like they’ve got some unbelievable car insurance, means any time spent driving is just a headache waiting to happen. I never realized how much more stress free it is to get around via walking (and in good weather). And because I love Googling, there’s this article from WebMD that explains this too!

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I came across a bookstore in the Financial District called the Alexander Book Company. One afternoon I holed myself up in a corner of the bottom floor and read the entire graphic novel, Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley. Yay for another book off my “to-read” list on Goodreads!


On our last day, we walked to the Ferry Building and checked out all the necessities: Cowgirl Creamery, Miette, and Heath Ceramics being my favorites. Miette is quite frankly a baker’s heaven. Five minutes there and I had already purchased a picnic basket, decorative cake box, gingersnaps, and a bar of chocolate. And that was Roy me restraining myself. We ate grilled cheese and pancetta covered mac and cheese and bought a chunk of Mt. Tam and pretty much just cheesed it up all day.



FOR ANY EGG TART LOVERS: I know I’m going to get a a few texts from Steph coming my way if she reads this, but Golden Gate Bakery in Chinatown has the best egg tarts. I don’t exactly know from experience because I kind of didn’t end up going (#donthatemeStep), but Stephanie swears by them. I mean, she said they were better than the egg tarts we had in Macau (which is saying a lot). Also, from now on I will be referring to Stephanie as Step because I like it and it’s what I’ve been calling her for the past few months. Though I am a little worried new readers might just think I don’t know how to spell…


I’m a little sad to be going home because this marks the last month before I head back to school, which is really kind of frightening because I thought that was it for my formal education after college. And I’m also worried that being a full time student again will put this blog on the back burner. But I think this has grown into too much of a passion for me to not spend my free time dreaming of cakes and things and combing through Pinterest for culinary inspiration. Plus, it’s so much fun to connect with you all and see what you guys are cooking up in your kitchens!


Well this has been an extra (and unexpectedly) long post. It’s refreshing to be home and I’m so happy to have a kitchen again (and Netflix so I can watch Breaking Bad)!

Brb as I figure out how to make a cruffin.

Spam and Eggs Breakfast Sandwich

Makes 2 sandwiches

4 King’s Hawaiian bread rolls
2 slices Spam
4 eggs
green onions
2 tbsp chives
1/2 cup mayo
2 tbsp sriracha (or more as desired)
pinch of salt

1. Split the four bread rolls so each sandwich is two bread rolls thick. Cut each set of rolls in half and toast lightly.
2. Chop the chives finely and set aside. Fill a bowl with water and ice. Quarter the green onions and julienne them. Place the green onions into the bowl of ice water and let them curl up. If they don’t, add more ice to the water. Strain and dry.
3. In a small bowl, mix together the mayo and sriracha. Set aside.
4. Heat a pan with a few tablespoons of oil. Slice the spam into 1/4 inch slices and cook on medium high heat until just crispy on both sides. Remove from the pan and let cool on a plate lined with paper towels.
5. In the same pan, use a few sheets of paper towels to soak up any excess oil. Crack two eggs in the pan and cook on medium-low heat. Once the whites begin to cook, use chopsticks to break the yolks and swirl them around to create a marbleized effect. Sprinkle half of the chives and a pinch of salt over the eggs and let cook until the whites are mostly done. Transfer to a plate. Repeat with the other two eggs.
6. For assembly, spread a decent serving of the sriracha mayo on both halves of the bread. Layer the slice of spam on the bottom half of the bread. Fold the marbleized egg on top and sprinkle with a good serving of green onions. Top with the other half of the bread. Serve warm and enjoy!

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  • Lovely post, San Francisco sounds awesome its on my list of places I really want to go. I’ve never really experimented with spam but I like corned beef from a can so I’m sure id like spam too.

    • It’s a great place to travel to, I’m sure you’d have a blast! Yay!! I’m glad you’re willing to try it 🙂

  • This looks so delicious and I think that this would be perfect quick and refreshing breakfast.