trip fork to belly

Hi! Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by! My name is Courtney and welcome to Fork to Belly, a food blog dedicated to mostly sweets and desserts because that’s what I love to stuff my face with eat.

Born and raised in Hawaii, I moved to Los Angeles for college and have been here ever since. I currently live in DTLA, in a little studio apartment with an even tinier kitchen.

I’ve loved food all my life, but was never much of a cook until I started living on my own. In the years since, I’ve slowly learned my way around the kitchen. After graduating from college, I struggled to find work and spent many days using cooking as a stress-reliever. I frequented Pinterest for recipe ideas, and it was there that I stumbled upon so many vibrant and amazing food blogs. Those blogs and the people behind them (who are the absolute sweetest humans and some of my favorite friends!) are what inspired me to begin documenting my own culinary adventures.

Here at Fork to Belly, you’ll find all kinds of things. Sometimes I talk about what I did today or most wonderful ice cream I’ve ever eaten or get sappy and reflect on moments from my childhood. Either way, this space will always be filled with the things that make me happiest. This blog and everything I do here–and all of you who I get to connect and chit chat with from miles away–make me so wonderfully happy! Happy reading and eating, friends 🙂